At Health by Design, we believe everyone can be healthier mentally. We also know when it comes to mental health there is no one-size-fits-all approach. If you want to help your staff lead healthier, happier, more productive lives you need to enlist a workplace health solution that suits your workforce and can be easily integrated into workflow. 

Here are our top 3 solutions.

1. “Bootcamp for your Brain” workshop + deskdrop coaching
Get higher engagement from your health initiative with this workshop + deskdrop coaching combo. The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Sleep and mental health
  • Nutrition
  • The impact of drugs and alcohol
  • The role of exercise
  • The link between depression and brain chemistry

Why incorporate deskdrop coaching? Health by Design’s deskdrop coaching solution is a highly effective method of educating your workforce on a specific health or injury prevention topic with minimal disruption to workflow. It is also an ideal approach for smaller budgets and limited time frames. The short and targeted coaching sessions comprise of highly engaging and interactive content, effectively communicated to give all employees the skills and knowledge to make and sustain positive health changes to their lifestyle.

A workshop + deskdrop coaching combination is an effective way to engage your workforce and raise awareness of how they can improve their mental health.

2. High Performance Pathway course
The high performance pathway course encourages improved engagement, performance, mental clarity, relationships and life balance as well as better energy management.

The course offers an introduction into the key principles of lifestyle balance and energy management. Each participant is invited to assess their own current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health status, then they outline an intended destination for each. Audit worksheets for each area of health are utilised to identify unhealthy diversions and outline behavioural corrections for more aligned outcomes.  

Nutritional education is complimented by the provision of healthy food choices throughout the day and the exercise and activity component is suitable for employees of all fitness levels/experience. The course also features a combination of team interactive activities, audio visual components, story telling examples, flip chart group discussions and workbook exercises.  

Participants gather a greater understanding of how to effectively balance the competing demands of their personal and professional objectives, identifying and implementing rituals in these areas to increase energy levels and improving the quality of outcomes. The improvements in their health and wellbeing will assist them in becoming more resilient and productive employees.

The testing and measurement elements of the High Performance Pathway course include:

  • Health testing: blood lipids, hydration, body composition (optional)
  • Health and productivity survey (optional) 
  • Energy audits: physical, emotional, mental and human spirit (part of session content)

Below is just one example of how the High Performance Pathway course has had a positive influence on those in attendance:

“Of all the courses I have attended in the past few years this was one of the most beneficial. The connection between personal wellbeing and personal performance is well known. As a result of the course I have made some easy to implement but extremely beneficial changes.”

Troy Webb, Site Director, global pharmaceutical company

3. One month of weekly exercise sessions for your workforce.
Group exercise sessions are a great way to improve staff morale and encourage team bonding. They can be a fantastic way to start or finish the day. Alternatively, they can be offered as a lunchtime session. The benefits of exercise for mental health are numerous including increased body temperature which has calming effects, social interaction, taking time out from any worries, better quality sleep and the release of feel-good brain chemicals.

Choose from bootcamp, circuit and yoga. 

If you would like to know more about any of these National Mental Health Week workplace health initiatives, contact us to discuss the options available for your workplace.