1 in 5 adults experience a mental illness each year. The good news is, there are things you can do to help and to boost your mental health. 

Having friends and outside interests can make a difference in living longer and healthier lives.

Everyone needs to feel loved and supported throughout their life. Friends and family can be lifesavers. A friend who brings the chicken soup can make a difference to how a person feels faster than the soup itself. Conversation, sharing, being in touch with others who have

active, involved lives gives living a purpose. Sharing with friends helps multiply the joys and divide the sorrows.

Several studies report fewer colds, lower blood pressure and lower heart rates in participants with strong social ties. In addition to this, suicide, mental illness and alcoholism rates are much lower when people feel a sense of belonging.

Mental illness is not a life sentence.

Most people will recover fully, especially if they receive help early.

Being mentally healthy is about more than getting fit and feeling better; it’s about staying that way too. Bad habits can re-appear when we are bored, tired, stressed, anxious or when we feel down. Managing these feelings is very important.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Remind yourself why you want to be healthy. 
  • Schedule regular check ups with your doctor to monitor your progress and for that extra push you may need to keep going. 
  • Join a group or see if someone you know is also interested in keeping healthy. Try setting goals together. 
  • Look after your mental health. If you start to feel down and would rather not bother, it could be a sign that your mental health needs some extra attention. 
  • Relaxation is important. Relaxing and managing stress is an essential part of being healthy. Set aside time to relax in ways that leave you feeling good, such as listening to music or slow breathing. 
  • Reward yourself. Feel good about developing healthier habits by rewarding yourself with something nice. 
  • Overcome slip-ups. It’s natural at times to feel like giving up and going back to old habits. If you slip-up, be realistic and start again.

Don't forget to download our free National Mental Health Week poster. Stick it up in a high traffic area at your workplace, such as the lunch room, and help raise awareness of mental health in the workplace. If you would like some more assistance in promoting good mental health at your workplace, contact us today for a chat. We have a variety of different services available to suit every workplace.