New findings from the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score Survey have revealed that Australian diets are barely getting a "C" when it comes to our diets. 

The scientifically validated survey is designed to assess diet quality against Australian Dietary Guidelines. The results are in and they are clear. We have a lot of work to do and changes to make!

Here is a stand-outs from the survey results:

  • Junk food intake is 3 x higher than the recommended daily limit.
  • Aussies are eating the equivalent of 32kg of chocolate each year.
  • Larger portions of junk good are being consumed, more often - it has become mainstream and it is eaten every day!
  • Construction workers need the most improvement.
  • Total scores are lower among overweight and obese people. 

A key recommendation that came out of the report was that, in order to improve diet & nutrition quality, it's important to start cutting back on consumption of junk food and to focus on eating smaller portions. 

To find out more, read the press release here: 

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