Suffering with some brain fog? Struggling to concentrate? There's a good chance it's time to get up and  move! 

If you've been sitting for longer than 17 minutes, blood is beginning to gather in your hamstrings and calf muscles, pulling much needed oxygen and glucose away from your brain.

Luckily, it's easy to fix this and it could be as simple as a walk. Exercise to experience a "brain boost" doesn't need to be intense. Simply walking is good for your brain! It increases blood circulation, which accelerates the rate at which oxygen and glucose reach your brain. 

A study undertaken by Leeds Metropolitan University found that job performance improves on the days that individuals exercise. The study followed 200 white collar workers who did an exercise of their choice during their lunch hour and they found that those who exercised experienced improved mood and work performance, leading to better concentration, relationships with colleagues and resilience to stress.