Just like every other industry, the manufacturing industry presents its own set of logistical challenges when implementing a workplace health program. However, by choosing to enlist the services of Health by Design this company has achieved the following great results so far in 2015:

  • 81% voluntary average monthly engagement
  • 86% of employees have made at least one behaviour change during 2015. This represents an employee making a positive, sustained improvement to their health, wellbeing or injury prevention focus area
  • Improved staff morale
  • Improved staff productivity and performance
  • Significant reductions in employee health risks, particularly in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and blood pressure

This health program has proven to be a successful combination of a range of health and injury prevention solutions, specific to the needs of the client. It has included:

  • Heart health assessments
  • Injury prevention testing
  • Health promotion and injury prevention material
  • Health and injury prevention coaching
  • Competitions and challenges
  • Interactive displays

As a result of this initiative a number of outstanding individual employee behaviour change results and stories have been achieved. Below are just two examples of how the Health by Design program has changed lives and significantly reduced health risks:

  • At the start of 2015 one employee was overweight, had high cholesterol and was mostly sedentary outside of work. Their diet was poor and included a large amount of pre-packaged or takeaway food. Through regular coaching and helping them to achieve small, regular, meaningful goals this employee has now changed their diet and now eats small, regular home cooked meals six days a week. They have gone from a sedentary lifestyle to exercising at home three to four times a week as well as playing sport twice a week. They have also cut down their alcohol intake markedly as they found this was impacting their sleep and energy levels. Since the start of the year they have lost 10.5kg of weight, reduced their waist measurement from high to medium risk and their cholesterol has gone from the high risk range to the healthy range! 
  • Earlier in the year, one employee would participate in the program but was hesitant to apply the advice given to them as they could not see how it could help them. Over time, the Health by Design coach was able to build trust and show that small changes to lifestyle can lead to big health improvements. Over time this employee went from having takeaway meals most days to cutting them out altogether, and is now working on reducing their portion sizes. They have also started becoming more active after work and reducing their alcohol intake. So far they have lost 7kg of weight, 8cm off their waistline and they are now working with their partner towards making their lifestyle even healthier.

What will your workforce achieve with a Health by Design workplace health solution? Contact us today to discuss how we can help your staff achieve high engagement and reduced health and injury risks.