A large waist circumference can create additional distances and require an extended reach at your workstation. This then means substantially more work-related discomfort than individuals of normal weight.

You can take action! Get moving. 

Exercise doesn't have to be overly strenuous to be of benefit. Even moderate amounts of physical activity for 30 minutes per day can speed up your metabolic rate and help maintain a healthy waist measurement.

Did you know?

Individuals with a larger waistline are at greater risk of experiencing knee injuries when lifting objects. Even if you lift the object correctly, the extra weight on your body is putting you at risk of an injury. 

Take action.

Try managing your body weight by drinking a glass of water before every meal and when you get hungry during the day. This will partially fill your stomach and reduce hunger levels and if you're mistaking thirst for hunger you'll soon realise. Lastly, water is also good for joint lubrication to help protect them from injury.