Often when we think about obesity, we think of the more "obvious" and generally more physical symptoms. It's probably because we can see these clearly and how much of an impact they can have.  For example: sore joints and difficulty moving around, discrimination, moodiness and fatigue. But have we given much thought to how obesity and being overweight can influence productivity at work? 

For starters, obese workers an average of 10 more days of sick leave per year than their healthy weight counterparts. When they are at work, they are likely to be impacted by poor energy/sleep (sleep apnoea), musculoskeletal pain and poor concentration.

No industry is immune to the impact of obesity, however some will be more heavily impacted than others. If obesity wasn't a common occurrence, the costs to your business would be much better absorbed. Unfortunately, with nearly 2 in 3 Australian adults overweight or obese, chances are your organisation is effected. 

There's a lot of reasons to help your staff get their weight under control, and they can all be linked back to a healthier bottom line. Quite simply, healthy staff are happier and more productivity. Up to 3x more productive in fact! With a healthier weight, your workers are less at risk for mental health problems, joint pain and problems, poor sleep, type 2 diabetes and poor cardiovascular health.

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