Despite the logistical challenges associated with a transport workforce, by enlisting the services of Health by Design this company has achieved the following great results:

  • 67% voluntary average monthly engagement (well above industry averages)
  • Improved staff morale
  • Dramatically reduced their injury risks and the frequency of injuries
  • Improved staff productivity and performance
  • Helped their employees reduce their health risks.

Facilitating these health improvements has seen an improvement in safety due to the development of personal awareness and capabilities. That is, fitter staff who are less likely to sustain minor injuries and who are more mindful of their bodies and work environment.

To ensure the success of the program, it needed to be:

  • Time efficient – short but meaningful contact (no impact on work routine) 
  • Engaging – to influence a high level of participation
  • Behavioural change focus – to influence high levels of positive behaviour change
  • Measured – performance measures in place to monitor program effectiveness and improvements

This health program has proven to be a successful combination of a range of health and injury prevention solutions, specific to the needs of the client. It has included:

  • Heart health assessments
  • Injury prevention testing
  • Health promotion and injury prevention material
  • Health and injury prevention coaching
  • Manual handling training.  

As a result of this initiative, a total of 182 behaviour changes were achieved by staff in the 2014-2015 pilot program. This behaviour change represents an employee making a positive, sustained improvement to their health, wellbeing or injury prevention focus area.

What will your workforce achieve with a Health by Design workplace health solution? Contact us today to discuss how we can help your staff achieve high engagement and reduced health and injury risks.