Yesterday we discussed why getting 10,000 steps in per day is important. Now we'll give you the HOW! Try implementing these tips and suggestions into your daily routine, track your progress with a pedometer and before long you'll start to reap the health benefits.

  • First things first - Get yourself a pedometer. There have been many studies on the effectiveness of wearing a pedometer. One study split sedentary types of people into two groups. The first group were given pedometers to track their steps, while the second group were not. Over an average period of 18 weeks, those who did use a pedometer walked an extra 2,500 steps per day, increased their physical activity levels by 27%, burned an extra 400 kilojoules a day, and shaved 3.8 points off their systolic blood pressure. Some also had lower blood cholesterol and blood sugars. Pedometers are cheap to buy and clip onto the belt of your waist tracking how many steps you accumulate each day.
  • Get active at work - Take a five minute walk before lunch. Walk around the office block before and after work. Walk to colleagues’ desks and talk to them face-to-face rather than shooting them an e-mail from across the room. Talk on the phone standing up or walk around your desk.
  • Take the stairs wherever possible.
  • Park further away wherever you go - The supermarket, work, the train station. Wherever you are headed, if it's possible, park further away.

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