Our very own managing director, Greg McLoughlin, is heading to Darwin in 2014 to present at the Safety in Action show. His session, “Health, injury prevention, mental health, fatigue and safety: joining the dots for optimal outcomes”, is a topic relevant to all organisations, big and small.

Your organisation might provide testing, auditing and general education to your workforce but does it take the next step? That is, does it implement initiatives aimed at reducing individual risk relating to injury and health, across your entire workforce population? At Health by Design, we recognise that you need to “keep the healthy people healthy”, not just deal with high risk individuals.

Greg’s session will discuss an approach that achieves strong synergy with other company initiatives in the health management space, as well as joining the dots between health and safety. It is necessary to consider the impact on health parameters, such as heart health and diabetes, which also impacts upon safety as well as the growing number of mental health issues that all organisations need to consider. A specific example is the fact that there is an average EAP uptake of 2-4%, yet the prevalence of mental health issues (ie. anxiety and depression) is 20-25% of the general population. This represents a large gap in your workforce that are seeking assistance to address mental health those that are not. What impact could this be having on your organisation?

Taking safety beyond compliance, as well as preventing individual risks, is the key to managing your organisation’s health and safety. Be sure to chat to us at the Safety in Action Darwin show about taking the next step toward positive change!