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employee wellness with a global service capacity

We have over 25 years of award-winning, outcome oriented program experience. We cater for every industry and every risk area.

Transport and logistics. Warehousing and distribution. Technology. Finance. Rail. Shipping. Mining. Office environments. Manufacturing. Construction. 

Health by Design:
Employee wellness done better.


Good health is built through good habits and consistent behaviour. Optimal health and high performance is a continual journey. Employee wellness is ongoing process of meaningful engagement, progressive education and sustainable behaviour change. 

For over 25 years, Health by Design has provided industry leading fully integrated workplace health and safety programs. We have worked in almost every industry sector and achieved consistent total population engagement and positive health outcomes across diverse workforce cultures and work environments.   

The Health by Design difference:

We know that not everyone is ready to get involved in workplace health programs and initiatives. You need a program that is tailored to everyone in your workforce. Traditional programs simply assume that everyone is ready to get involved and wants to be involved. Behaviour change theory clearly tells us this is not the case!

At Health by Design, our programs are designed to engage not only the “converted” (action and maintenance), but also those in the pre-contemplation, contemplation and preparation stages. Our programs, services and materials are designed to target individuals across the entire behaviour change spectrum.

Health & Wellness

Programs and content focused on improving health and lifestyle behaviours that impact against lifestyle-related risks and diseases (cardiovascular diseases, metabolic conditions, poor ageing etc).


​Relevant for all workplaces.


Adapted to suit the work environment and demographics of any workplace. 


Helps reduce disease risks and can improve population health, energy, productivity and engagement.

“I think the reason you’ve been successful in engaging our people is that you don’t just tell them what to do, you help them understand why changing behavior has value. The ‘why’ matters.”
- Alex Hall, Director, Health and Safety, LaFarge-Holcim

Safety & Injury Prevention

​We create company and job-specific ergonomics and injury prevention content.


We can provide stand-alone safety and injury prevention-focused training or programs, or we can fully integrate injury prevention content into an ongoing health and wellness program to create a one-of-a-kind comprehensive initiative that concurrently addresses both employee health risks AND injury risks. 

Clients achieve an average 30-60% reduction in injuries

(reductions observed in both

frequency and severity).

Reduce injuries. Improve health and productivity.

“Years of flat injury rates, poor employee engagement and a clearly unfit/unhealthy workforce meant we had to do something different – plenty of safety managers had tried traditional interventions. We needed
something new. To address the needs of our workforce, improve employee health and reduce injury risk and frequency, it was important for us to enlist a workplace health provider who could achieve high health program engagement. That provider was Health by Design.”
- Antho
ny Fewster, Health and Safety, Metro Trains

Mental Health &
High Performance

Good health, resilience, lifestyle balance and job engagement are all critical for elite performance, and yet many companies struggle to engage executives or high-performance teams in traditional wellness programs. 

Our unique high-performance programs show your key talent how smart health and energy management leads to improved resilience and sustainable performance. 

Straddling the line between personal and professional development, our high-performance programs help targeted teams or executives find better health, better balance, and sustainable energy. 

Boost engagement and performance for teams or individuals who work in demanding and competitive work environments.

“The product we have built with Health by Design is probably one of the best products available to national and multi-national corporates. It has proven success on any number of metrics”

- Darren Kane, Telstra (now NBN Australia)

We believe everyone wants to be healthy. If people are not engaged in your current workplace health program, it's not that they don't care, it's that the program isn't providing them value.

Our mission

Improving health and enhancing lives across the total workforce population.


Our vision

To be the global leader in creating workplace health strategies which maximise total population engagement and behaviour changes against identified health risks.  

Let's chat about how we can make a big difference at your workplace.